Why us

Want to know what our previous travellers think about travelling with us? Check them out here. If you are inspired by what they shared and wrote, then Scanbalt Experience is definitely the option for you!

Meet likeminded travellers

Our tours are designed to attract a mixed crowd of adventurous and open minded people from all over the world. This does not mean that you never get the chance to mix with the friendly, funny and beautiful locals. In fact our tours are designed to attract Scandinavians who like to discover their own part of the world as well.  As a result, all our trips are designed to fit both people from and outside Northern Europe, a fact that makes our tours a splendid opportunity for backpackers to meet the smart and sexy locals.

Great value

We can assure you that our tours are the best value you can get! We welcome you to make price comparisons, but there are few to be made; trains and public buses are no alternatives to our tours. Many of the attractions and hidden paths in which we head are miles from the main roads and railways. Most organised bus tours you can find cost a small fortune and are not designed to suit budget-minded independent travellers.

Stay free and independent

Our tours could be part of a longer trip to travel in Northern Europe. You can easily combine our tours with train, boat and plane travel. You are also free to organise your own accommodations on most of our tours.

We are regional

Scanbalt is a Swedish-owned company with no connections to big international tourism corporations, which means that the profits stays in the region we operate. All guides and drivers will be from the region, so you can expect the knowledge only found amongst locals delivered, for your convenience, in English.

The routes and itineraries

When travelling with us you gain the opportunity to spend time on and off the beaten track. This means that you not only see the famous sights but also experience the special places and activities that most people don't know about. If it's a warm summer's day, guess what do we do? We stop at a lake so that everybody can have a swim or work on their tan whilst chilling out on a beach. Try that request on a train, regional bus or another tour.

Your money is safe

Scanbalt Experience is registered as a tourism company established in Estonia. Estonia is a member state in the EU so we need to follow laws just like tourism companies elsewhere in the EU. Your money is safe because Scanbalt Experience need to guarantee the passengers money to the Estonian authorities via and insurance company. If Scanbalt Experience  have economical difficulties you will get your money back and if you’re on a tour transport would be organized to the departure point by a third part.