Uppsala Lapland Express

This year Lapland season is about to begin! So get ready, dress warm, and jump on board for an amazing and unforgettable adventure to one of the most remote places in Europe.
Have you ever been across the Arctic Circle? Here's your chance. As you can imagine, travelling so way up north is a whole different experience from travelling in sunny and warm southern Europe, so we advise you to get prepared before the departure and browse through our section dedicated to winter travelling.
Tour dates: 04 - 09 December 2018
Duration: 6 days/5 nights
Departure city: Stockholm, Uppsala, Gävle, Sundsvall, Umeå

Price: 350 EUR
Please note that neither Scanbalt Experience nor International Committee of Uppsala's Student Nations can take responsibility or issue refunds if the dates booked clash with your mandatory lectures, seminars or exams at university. Scanbalt and International Committee are both independent from Uppsala University.
  • Transportation by bus during the whole tour
  • Hostel standard accommodation, on a shared-room basis for 3 nights (bed linen not included)
  • Tour managers services and guiding
  • Breakfast on day 2
  • Guided tour in the Ice Hotel
  • Sauna and an arctic swim
  • Visit to Sami people with reindeer
  • Evening in the Sami tent with open fire and hot drink
  • Get amazed by the beauty of the Northern Lights (only during the right circumstances)
  • Find out that a cold beer tastes the best after wooden-heated sauna
  • Challenge yourself by rolling in the snow or diving into an icy-cold lake
  • Learn about fascinating Sami culture connected to reindeer
  • Lie down on an ice-bed in the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi
  • Drive through frozen nature on snowmobile and dog sled
  • Cross-country ski in the wildness
  • Party with old and new friends far North behind the Arctic Circle


  • Travel Insurance (it is highly recommended)
  • Meals (except Day 2 breakfast; all accommodation has shared equipped kitchens)
  • Optional Activities (please check below)
  • Bed linen (possible to rent for 6-10 EUR or bring your own)
  • Towel
PS! Non-students pay 25 eur/per pax/trip extra!


Please note that there might be small changes in the tour. The updated program will be sent to you about a week before the start of the tour.

All the accommodation on this tour is included in the price. 2 nights on the bus and 3 nights in hostels/cabins in shared rooms. All accommodations have WiFi and shared kitchens suitable for cooking and storing food. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. 
Day 1 Departure
We meet at the departure point and get on the bus that takes us overnight to the far north across the Arctic Circle. On the bus, you have plenty of time to get to know your travel mates and watch some movies.

Day 2 Kiruna
In the morning, you wake up in Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden. After a good breakfast at our hostel (included for you), we have a day full of optional activities. From dog sledding and snowmobiling (Optional activity) to visiting the world's largest underground Iron Mine ( (Optional activity). Walk around charming Kiruna and visit its beautiful wooden church. In the evening, you can join the group for a beer or two in a pub.

Day 3 Kiruna-Björkliden
We depart from the hostel to the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, a small village just outside Kiruna. You can visit all the ice rooms, hang out in the ice-bar and why not - have a drink from a glass made of ice - a memory of a lifetime. After that we visit a Sami family, the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia. They tell you about Sami way of life today and in the past, as well as get to see and feed the reindeer. Later we arrive in Björkliden where we stay for two nights. In the evening, we gather in the Sami tent around a cozy fire. 

Day 4 Björkliden (Narvik)
On this day, you can choose between crossing the border to Norway for a visit of the Narvik town (Optional activity) or stay in Björkliden. In Björkliden you can explore the area & go on a snowshoe hike. We can only go to Narvik if the weather and road conditions are good. Narvik is located on the coast of the Atlantic, on the way there you will see a stunning scenery with snow covered peaks and fjords. Later in the afternoon, you can enjoy your sauna and night view on the lake, mountains and hopefully also the Northern Lights.

Day 5 Björkliden
Use the morning for more exploration of the area or for the activities as Ice-climbing/Cross-country skiing (Optional activity) or try out snowshoes walk. After lunch, we leave towards Abisko National Park for short hike around canyon before we to start driving back south. On the way, we stop at the Arctic Circle and restaurant before getting ready to sleep.
Day 6 Back at the departure point
We are back where we started and the tour is over, but you have some amazing memories and new friends. See your tickets for estimated arrival time.

Optional activitites

Lapland offers a lot of amazing activities. Some of them need to be booked in advance and some of them you can book with us and we forward your booking to the activity company. Some have guaranteed departure whilst others need a minimum number of persons. Possible cancellation of any of the two activities will be announced on day 1 of the tour.
Optional activities booking system closes automatically 14 days before departure!

Combi Tour
Organizer: Kiruna Sleddog
When: Day 2, 9:15 AM, 12:15 PM
Price: 950 SEK
Payment: 10 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, 850 SEK in CASH to the organizer on the spot. (Without the pre-booking, the activity costs 1000 SEK and the whole amount is paid in cash on the spot.)
Where: You will be picked up at the hostel and go to an area outside the town.
Booking:  You can book this activity via Scanbalt. Booking will be opened approx. 3 weeks before the tour and up to 14 days before departure. 
Description: This is the king of all Lapland adventures. The tour is about 3 hours and halftime is with dog sled and the other half time is with a snowmobile. Warm clothes are included and also a warm drink.
The lists with different departure times for the Combi Tour will be passed around on the bus.  Departure times can change depending on the arrival in Kiruna and the number of participants. Those who booked the Kiruna Mine Tour in advance will be placed on the first Combi tour departure. Note that we can not guarantee that big groups of friends can be in the same group. The final information is given on the bus regarding who goes when. Before starting the rides, you will sign a paper for insurance. Signing the document means that you accept the conditions for using the snowmobile and taking part of the activity, meaning if you damage a snowmobile you need to pay the "self-risk" which could be up to 8000 SEK.
Ice climbing 
Organizer: The Swedish Tourist Organisation (STF)
When: Day 5, 10:00-13:00
Price: 625 SEK
Payment: 6.50 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, 562.50 SEK in cash/card at Abisko hotel reception.
Where: Meet at the reception. You will be pick up by minibus.
The number of places: Minimum 4 and maximum 6.
Description: This 3-hour activity is considered to be one of the most exciting forms of climbing. On this half-day course, you'll learn the basic techniques. By means of crampons, rope and ice axes we’ll climb the steep icefalls in the canyon. Climbing activity takes place only when there is enough naturally frozen ice.
NB! Ice climbing is at the same time as Cross-country skiing and you cannot attend on both.
Cross-country skiing 
Organizer: Björkliden Fjällby
When: Day 5, 10:00-13:00
Price: 600 SEK
Payment: 6 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, 540 SEK on the spot to the organizer (payment by cash or card).
Where: Meet at the reception. The activity takes place close to the cabin area.
The number of places: Minimum 4 and maximum 16.
Description: Learn to ski in the backcountry! Join us on a classic cross-country ski-tour for 3 hours. This tour is for you, who have never tried skiing before. We provide instructions and teach you the basics of cross-country skiing. This day is also a great way to enjoy the winter wonderland at an easygoing pace.
NB! Cross-country skiing is at the same time as Ice climbing and you cannot attend on both.
Day trip to Norway (no pre-booking)
When: Day 4, 09:00AM - 03:00 PM
Price: 250 SEK (25 EUR)
Where: Meet at the reception in Abisko.
Payment: In cash to the tour leader on the bus.
Description: A half-day bus trip to enjoy magical views of the Norwegian fjords and what nature has to offer. We make a stop in a small harbor town Narvik, which is located at the Atlantic ocean and is well-known for its sea battles during WWII. Our tour manager takes you for a viewing point to see the city and by the coast. There is a lunch stop included in the trip (the lunch offer will be presented a day before the trip). The road from Abisko to Narvik takes us through some stunning scenery with snow covered peaks and fjords - we will make stops on the way.
*Note that the activity is possible only if the weather and the road conditions are good!
Please note that if you have signed up for an optional activity you have to take part of that activity or pay for it without participation. You can cancel the activity until 14 days before departure!

Visit the Kiruna Iron Mine (no pre-booking by Scanbalt)
Organizer: The Tourism Office of Kiruna
When: Certain days. The tour takes 2hs 45min. Note that in our program the only possible time for you to go on a Mine Tour is Day 4. Check online if the tour takes place on that day!
AUTUMN / WINTER 2018-2019
November Wednesday and Saturday 14.00 (eng)
1 – 16 December Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 14.00 (eng)
17 – 31 December (not 24/12) Monday-Sunday 14.00 (eng)
January – March  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 14.00 (eng)
Where: The meeting is outside of the tourism office, a special bus will take you down to the mine.
Booking/Price/Payment: Bookings are made online directly with the tourism office (if there are places left, you can try to book on spot). Price adult 375 SEK, student 270 SEK. 
Description: Come down underground to the world’s biggest underground iron-ore mine! A coach from the Tourist Office in Kiruna will take us straight into the mountain and down to the exhibition mine LKAB InfoMine, to the level of 540 meters. 

Departures and prices

OutboundDeparture cityDestinationSpots leftFrom price
4/12BusUppsala IK Lapland Express Group 1Full350€Full
4/12BusUppsala IK Lapland Express Group 2Full350€Full