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We are a travel company focussing on making awesome tours for backpackers and students. We aim on all our products having a great value and offering unique experience. Travelling with us you will become part of local culture and go off the beaten track.


Lapland Winter

Lapland is a unique destination to explore, especially in winter! It offers awesome adventures like dog-sledding and snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice climbing, ultimately wood-heated sauna and an arctic swim - a tradition, that shouldn’t be missed! Visit a reindeer farm and explore the Sami culture! cross the Arctic Circle and get a chanc...Read more

Russia and Baltics

Want to check out Lenin in Moscow, or see how the Tsars used to live in their suburban palaces? Visit the world-famous Hermitage museum and then have a glamorous limousine ride along the streets of St. Petersburg. And yet, this is not all! Walk the pebble-stone streets of Tallinn Old Town or have a crazy party in one of Riga night clubs! Russia and...Read more

Special Holidays and Events

We offer great trips for Christmas, New Years, Easter but also trips to festivals and events. Any reason is good enough to join any of our tours that will give you a unique Christmas or New Years that you never forget no matetr if its under the Northern Lights in lapland or the fireworks in one of awesome cities!...Read more


Disover Europe with its centuries-long history, bright and diverse cultures, and, of course, numerous must-see sights!Read more


Explore the country of legendary vikings and breathtaking fjords! Our Scandinavia Tours are a great opportunity to visit Norway – the country surrounded by majestic, snow-covered mountain peaks, wild waterfalls and lush, green vegetation. Check out the beautiful Scandinavian capitals - Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and take part in our enthrallin...Read more


Explore the island of fire and ice packed with unique and stunning experiences. This unbelievable landscape is full of fascinating volcanic and viking history, adventures and sagas. Party in the capital of Reykjavik, go whale watching, ride Icelandic horses, relax in a hot thermal bath, sample some local delicacies and search for the Northern Light...Read more