The Crew

Kristofer, founder and CEO, of Scanbalt is Swedish and after living in Estonia, Sweden and Spain, has now decided to move back to Sweden with all the family.
He has always liked traveling off the beaten track and his aim is to offer special experiences also to other young travelers.


Olivia is our Tallinn office manager. She takes care of the bookings of transport, accommodation, activities etc. and makes sure that all tours run smoothly. She has studied recreation management and worked in tourism field for years.
In her heart she is an outdoor person, always ready for new adventures in the nature.


Darja is from Estonia, but her mother-tongue is Russian. She is responsible for trips to Russia and to the Baltic region, and also works as a tour manager.
She likes to travel, discover new places and tracks, and share her experience with others.
Darja loves dancing and adventure sports, like rock-climbing and snowboarding.


Zane is Latvian tour manager from Riga with "arty” background and passion of "showing around” – and not only as a local tour guide of her hometown, also exploring Lapland and Russia, as she thinks, is a fantastic experience!
Arts, music, theater- these are the things that Zane’s been doing since she can remember herself. Besides studies at the Art Academy of Latvia, textile art department, she also discovered the field of tourism. On her tours, Zane is always enthusiastic to find new interesting ways of showing the places and sights.


Sigrid is from Nordfjordeid by the fjords and mountains in the west of Norway. Sigrid has first-hand experience of being an international student as she did her bachelor studies of Fine Arts in England. She has an additional education in Outdoor Studies from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.
Sigrid loves the outdoors, and her favorite trips are walking in the mountains, both in summer and in winter. She is interested in culture, ways of living, and making good experiences by simple means.
“Every trip is a new experience even when you go to the same destinations!”


Karoli is our tour manager who was born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia. She has been guiding for years! Karoli first started out bringing groups to Helsinki and Stockholm, before taking on her own hometown. Now she explores around Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics. Karoli likes adventure when traveling and, besides main attractions, goes and discovers places, which are not on a typical tourist route. Going through small villages or living nextdoor to the locals, in her oppinion, gives an opportunity to meet the people, see their way of thinking, learn about the culture and, of course, taste local cuisine!
Karoli believes -  "If you have the opportunity, try out everything you can at least once. Then you have no regrets that you missed out on something."


Triinu is working in Tallinn office, planning and organizing Lapland and Scandinavia trips. She takes care of the bookings, activities etc. and checks that everything runs smoothly with the tours.
She has studied tourism management and has worked in tourism since 2009.
Triinu loves traveling and learning about other cultures. She is always happy to gain new experiences and have an adventure. She has lived in Argentina and can assist you in Spanish.