Lapland Fairy Tale from Stockholm/Uppsala

Finnish Lapland is a unique destination to explore, especially in winter! It offers awesome adventures like dog-sledding and snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoe-hiking, ice-fishing and, ultimately lake-side sauna and an arctic swim - a tradition, that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Finland! You can visit a reindeer farm and take a sleigh ride with the reindeer and meet the Santa Claus and his little helpers in their village! We cross the Arctic Circle and get a chance to see the breathtaking Northern Lights! This adventure, full of mystery, ancient Nordic culture and arctic freshness, is sure to blow your mind!


Tour dates:  04 - 09 December 2017
Duration: 6 days/5 nights
Departure city:  Stockholm, Uppsala  (please choose correct departure point when making a booking)
Price: 375 EUR


  • Visit Finnish Lapland
  • The chance to see the Aurora Borealis in the arctic night during the right circumstances
  • Cross the Arctic Circle   
  • Drink a cold beer in a sauna and roll around in the snow or have an arctic swim in an ice hole
  • Go snowmobiling, reindeer safari and dogsledding
  • Go cross country skiing and snowshoe-walking
  • Try Ice fishing
  • Visit Pyhä ski resort
  • Meet Santa Claus an take a group picture with him
  • Transport by bus, 2 nights on the bus
  • Guiding and assistance from tour manager
  • 3 nights in cottage accommodation in shared rooms (kitchen with cooking gear included in most of the cabins)
  • 4 breakfasts and 3 dinners
  • Tipi tent with hot drinks
  • Sauna and arctic swim for 2 nights
  • Use of Nordic skis
  • Use of ice-fishing gear
  • Snow-shoe hike 
  • Visit to Santa Claus village and picture with Santa
  • Visit Pyhä ski resort
  • Short reindeer sledge safari
  • Short husky safari


Extra cost (read more under Optional Activities)
Meals – lunch meals are not included, take your own food
Snowmobile safari 1,5 hrs - 70 Eur (driving license is needed!)
Husky safari 1 hr - 70 eur
Long reindeer safari 1-1,5 hrs - 65 Eur
Ski/Snowboard rent in Pyhä ski center - Skipass 3 hrs 34 Eur; ski/snowboard rent 3 hrs 26 Eur (estimated price)
Bed linen 10 eur (whole stay in Korvala, payment on the spot)
Winter overalls during the stay in Korvala – 10 eur/per pax (whole stay in Korvala, payment on the spot)
*Booking fee to Scanbalt 5 EUR and rest of the payment in cash or by card on the spot on DAY 2 when you will arrive to Korvala! If you have signed up for and optional activity you have to take part of that activity or pay for it without participation. If just not showing up you have to pay afterwards!
If you have specific food preferences please let us know before the tour so we can inform the organizer -!
Watch the movie about this trip:


Optional Activities

Optional activities can be booked/cancelled up to 14 days before departure
-When booking activity Scanbalt takes small booking fee (5 EUR) to confirm your participation. Rest of the payment on DAY 2 when you will arrive to Korvala! Possible to pay in cash and with card.
-If you have signed up for and optional activity you have to take part of that activity or pay for it without participation, there might be a possibility to change to another activity but this can be known on the spot. If just not showing up you have to pay afterwards!


Snowmobile safari
After initial instruction, participants travel in pairs through the forest, each taking turns to drive the snowmobile. The route can be challenging and the speed will vary according to the conditions. The time spent driving the snowmobiles is approximately 1 hour in total (½ hr/person, if both drive). The distance driven in that time depends on the weather conditions and the skills of the participants, and may be altered for safety reasons, or due to poor weather conditions. Duration approximately 1½ hours in total including instruction and fitting of helmets, 2 persons/snowmobile
Price 70€/person (5 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, rest of 65 EUR on the spot directly to organizer)., single driving supplement 35€/person.
Husky safari
On this safari you will see how much fun dog sledding is. We start by teaching you the necessary driving skills and then set off with our huskies through the forest and over the hills. Participants usually travel in pairs, each taking turns to drive the sled. The route can be challenging and the speed will vary according to weather conditions and the time of day.
Duration: approx 1 hour in total, including instruction (driving ca 5 km, ca 30 minutes). The route may be altered for safety reasons or due to poor weather conditions. 
Price: 70 EUR/per person (5 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, rest of 65 EUR on the spot directly to organizer).


Reindeer safari
We ride in sleighs pulled by reindeer to our reindeer herding corral, where Poro-Hannu, a local reindeer herder, explains how these beautiful animals of the north are cared for throughout the year. We make tea and coffee on a campfire and have time to chat with Poro-Hannu about his work. 
Duration: approximately 1½ hours in total, 65 EUR/per person. (5 EUR booking fee to Scanbalt, rest of 60 EUR on the spot directly to organizer).



Please note that there might be small changes in the tour. The updated program will be sent to you about a week before the start of the tour.
PS! We reccommend buying some food already before departure. There isn't any shop in Korvala.
Day 1, Departure, Stockholm/Uppsala – Korvala
We will meet at start point and take a night drive to Finnish Lapland. We will have regular stops along the road and see some movies during the evening. On the bus you have plenty of time to get to know your travel mates and watch some movies. Our tour leader will check your student cards. We will make food stop on the way.
Day 2, Korvala (B, D)
In the morning you will wake up in Korvala and have breakfast together. Korvala is a wilderness resort in Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. The surroundings are beautiful, deep forests and frozen lakes.
We gather for an information session, where the local hostess introduces us the accommodation and procedure for signing up to optional activities. Bookings and payments are made on the spot; it is possible to pay in cash or with card. Exact timings when each safari will me take a place will be agreed on the spot according to the students requests what safaris they want to do.
Time to settle in and discover the surroundings, you can borrow for free snow shoes, cross country skis, sledges and ice fishing kit.
The entire group will have short reindeer and husky sledge ride and together.
In the evening you will have dinner together (18:00) and later it’s time for sauna and an arctic swim.
Day 3, Korvala (B, D)
09:00 Breakfast.
After breakfast it is possible to ice fishing, do cross-country skiing and snow-shoe hike. Day with activities like dog sledge, snowmobiling and reindeer safari.
We get to meet the local Siberian Huskies, which are all beautiful pedigrees from the working sled-dog line.
18:00 Dinner time. After dinner get-together in the Tipi tent where we have a cozy evening with fire and some hot wine. Keep your eyes open for the Northern lights!
Day 4, Korvala – Pyhä – Korvala (B, D)
09:00 Breakfast.
10:30 After breakfast departure tour to Pyhä ski center (, where those who want can do mountain skiing or snowboarding. Estimated prices: 1-day ski pass 34 eur + rent of ski set ca 26 eur. It is also possible to hike in Pyhä. In the afternoon we will arrive back to Korvala and evening free time to fish, ski or do snowshoe walk.
18:00 Dinner, after dinner you can have also sauna time today.
Day 5, Korvala – Santa Village – Västerås (B)
09:00 Breakfast.
After midday we will depart for Santa Claus Village at Artic Circle where will meet Santa and have some free time. After the visit we will continue to go back to Västerås with overnight bus ride. We will watch movies on the way back and make some stops also.
Day 6, Arrival
Estimated arrival time back to Uppsala 07:00/Stockholm 08:00. We hope that you will have wonderful memories of lifetime.