Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question for us? You may find the answer below and if not just contact us. Scanbalt offer a great variety of tours; check the tour descriptions for more information. You will also find more FAQ's here under FAQ:s Summer  and  FAQ:S Winter .

What is included in the price?

You have to check the different tours to find out. We do try to give the passengers as much independency as possible.

I normally travel independently, why should I do a Scanbalt tour?

Our aim is to to give our passengers as much independence as possible. Therefor you often decide where to sleep, what to eat and what fees you like to pay. This means that you spend time with the group during the day but you can choose to be on your own many times. Many of our competitors tries to do entire Scandinavia in 3 weeks but we know better. A good experience is not about seeing as much as possible and definitely not sitting on a bus. A Scanbalt tour focus on one region of Northern Europe, so if you are an independent traveller the organised tour can be part of your longer trip.

I want to party and have a good time!! Is Scanbalt a good option for me?

The answer is yes, we and the people on our buses certainly having a good time on the trips. But our tours are about so much more than just party. Our crew and our local partners will inform about and show you the best places to hang out and have a good time, no worries!

Are there age restrictions for the tours?

We do have a lower age restriction on our travels. All passengers must be 18, no matter if travelling with parents or in groups. An exception is of course tailor made tours for school classes, teams etc. Most people on similar bus tours as ours are between 20 and 35 but of course we welcome people older than 35 as well.

Which nationalities have experienced a Scanbalt tour so far?

The first season there were Canadians, Kiwis, Australians, Germans, British and many Scandinavians. Now we have lost count! In the world of budget tours it is rather unique having a mix of foreigners and locals. The most positive thing with the mix is that the Scandinavians are very good at taking care of the long distance travellers, well done guys!!

What about travellers with disabilities?

Scanbalt definitely respect travellers with disabilities. The staff is eager to help but of course they only can assist to a certain degree. If you have any questions regarding this subject please contact us.

How fit should I be?

A good level of fitness is desired, as it helps the travellers enjoy our wonderful nature and it gives more options when it comes to hikes and adventure activities. Physically demanding activities are all optional and there are always other alternatives.

Do you do any discounts?

No general discounts.

What Should I bring?

Check under Summer tours and Winter tours and you will find tips about what to bring.

Do Scanbalt arrange Visa and travel documents?

We are flattered that people from all over the world want to travel with us but we can't help with visa arrangements, though we can assist to send a booking confirmation to an embassy if that is needed.

Travel insurance?


Scanbalt highly reccommends all passengers to conclude a travel insurance (medical coverage and trip cancellation coverage). Read about Scanbalt cancellation terms before booking.