FAQ Norway


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What should I bring?

  • Travel insurance.
  • Bed linen. If you have some extra space in your luggage it will save you money. Hostels may charge 5-10 euro for renting bed linen and sleeping bags not accepted.
  • Discount cards. Such as VIP Backpackers, Hostel International, and student ID. They can save you some money.
  • Small backpack. Good on the bus and hikes.
  • Hiking shoes or shoes with a strong sole. You will be waking on rocks and uneven surface, avoid soft sneakers. If you hike on a glacier, your shoes can get wet, pack an extra pair of socks.
  • Comfortable clothes. You will spend a lot of time outdoors in nature where weather can change quickly. It is good to take waterproof jacket or raincoat, comfortable sporty pants, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Padlock. While this area is extremely safe and crime rates are low, we still cannot control the behavior of other people on the tour, or those staying at hostels along the way, so a padlock is recommended.
  • CD's or DVD's to play on the bus.
  • Waterbottle. It is very important to stay hydrated and drink regularly during the day. Tap water is safe and good to drink.
  • Food. There will be food stops but you can pack it already from home.
  • Tour program and a good guidebook.


What about food?

Everybody has different eating patterns, tastes and budgets when it comes to food, so it is difficult to satisfy everyone. Therefore, we usually let the passengers bring or buy their own. On all tours, Scanbalt will lend camping cooking gear or there will be shared an equipped kitchen to cook and eat. We make stops for food shopping or you can pack your food from home. You will find more information regarding food under each tour description and from the tour managers. It is common during Norway trips to BBQ in the evening, check the program. Take with you a water bottle as Norwegian tap water is of high quality and taste. 


What luggage to take?

You are allowed to take 1 item of big luggage: a suitcase or a bigger backpack; and 1 item of smaller luggage: smaller backpack, handbag. Note that you must be able to walk with all your luggage (!). Some of our hostels/camps don’t have proper parking and thus we need to get there via foot. 


Prices and currency

In Norway, you can pay only by Norwegian krona but credit cards are widely accepted and there is no need to hold any cash. Be prepared that Norwegian prices are high and if you travel from another country, it could be better to pack the food with you. 


How physically demanding is the trip?

Norway trips are a focus on outdoor activities and you will be walking during the day. Nature is rocky and with hills to climb for views. Our tour managers are trying to choose easier levels of trails to fit most of our passengers but if your physical level is very low, you might get very tired in the evening. It is important to have proper clothing as the weather can change quickly and get rainy and windy. If you wear only soft sneakers, your feet might hurt form rocky, uneven surface. 

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