ESN Tartu Tours

Here you find ESN Tartu trips organised by Scanbalt Experience.

Saaremaa Adventure

Spend a fantastic weekend visiting the biggest Estonian island – Saaremaa with its unique culture and incredible nature. And what’s the most fascinating - you become part of the Traditional Estonia Wedding! This is an event organized by ESN Tartu and acted out by you, international students. Come and get a taste of an Estonian wedding, experience c...Read more

Lapland Fairy Tale for ESN Tartu

Lapland is a unique destination to explore, especially in winter! It offers awesome adventures like dog-sledding and snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoe-hiking, ice-fishing and ultimately lake-side sauna and an arctic swim - a tradition, that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Finland! You will get the chance to take a sleigh ride with t...Read more6 daysFrom 320€

Visa-Free St.Petersburg Tour for ESN Tartu

Go to Russia VISA-FREE and visit marvellous St Petersburg, one of the must-see cities of Europe! The bus tour around the city, as well as visit and guiding in the Hermitage museum are included! With optional extras ranging from traditional Russia Dinner and Folk to nigh Limousine ride and clubbing, you know you’re in for a good time. We travel to S...Read more