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Visa-Free St.Petersburg Tour for ESN Oslo

Go to Russia VISA FREE and experience St Petersburg, one of the must see cities of Europe! With optional extras ranging from traditional dinner and folk show to visiting world famous palaces, you know you’re in for a good time. We travel with big overnight ferries between the cities, so while traveling you have a cabin, can go out for a drink in th...Read more

ESN Oslo Lapland Express with Jokkmokk

This year Lapland season is about to begin! So get ready, dress warm, and jump on board for an amazing and unforgettable adventure to one of the most remote places in Europe. Have you ever been across the Arctic Circle? Here's your chance. As you can imagine, traveling so way up north is a whole different experience from traveling in sunny and war...Read more

Pulpit Rock hike with Stavanger

Let us take you to Stavanger for its picturesque old town with one of the best preserved wooden houses from the 18th century and to its port. The city is one of the gates to Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) hike. The steep cliff is rising 640 meters above the Lysefjorden offering breathtaking scenery of the fjord and mountains. The hike on the top takes...Read more

ESN Oslo Weekend by Sognefjord

ESN Oslo would like to take to Sognefjord area, the deepest and largest fjord of Norway and its many branches. This area is full of mountains with waterfalls, spectacular views on the fjords and pure nature. Get ready for few hikes taking you to interesting areas including Bøyabreen glacier view. Date: 10-12 May 2019 Departure point: Oslo Pric...Read more

Trondheim and Røros Weekend

Take a fun weekend trip to Trondheim – city of students, technology, cycling and food. Sounds like fun, isn’t it? We spend whole day exploring the city: we visit the famous wharves, the Old Town Bridge and Kristiansten Fort. The next day we head to Røros. This town is like a living museum with authentic wooden buildings, narrow streets and hidden c...Read more