ESN in Sweden

Erasmus Student Network in Sweden, click on the section to find the tours


Here you find tours organised by ESN SwedenRead more

ESN Örebro Tours

ESN Örebro is a local student organisation that is made by students for students. We try to provide the best and most memorable exchange term possible for students of all nationalities. The organisation consists of at least 30 local students and we have 150 exchange students that arrive every term. Here you find tours for Örebro University...Read more

ESN Skövde

Here you find trips for the Student Union and student organizations in Skövde.Read more

ESN Göteborg Tours

Here you will find tours for ESN Göteborg.Read more

Växjö International Students

Here You will find tours organized for Växjö International Students.Read more

ESN Borås Tours

Here you find the tours of ESN BoråsRead more

ESN Kalmar Tours

Here you find the tours for ESN KalmarRead more

ESN Linköping Tours

What students from Linköping says The tour was simply indescribable beautiful and was an experience I will not forget. Especially the ride with the ferry and in the first place the glacier hike were for me unique experiences. I always thought I was more of the sun and beach type. But this trip opened my eyes for a new one Linköping Fjo...Read more

ESN Stockholm Tours

ESN Stockholm first saw the light as independent ESN Section in 2013 and worked with Scanbalt from day 1. ESN Stockholm is connected to Stockholm University but have a big number of involved students from different unis in Stockholm and students from different Universities are welcome to join their trips.Read more