ESN in Estonia

Erasmus Student Network in Estonia was founded in the year 2000 when our first section in Tartu was established. ESN as an organisation is divided into local organs, called sections. There are more than 400 of them in Europe and as of today 5 in Estonia.

Since University of Tartu and some students who had previously been studying abroad, were looking for a way to integrate exchange students to the local life and saw a great opportunity in ESN the 21st of August 2000 ESN Tartu was finally founded. Since that time the cooperation between ESN Tartu and University of Tartu has grown and the past years ESN Tartu has also taken care of the exchange students of University of Life Sciences, Tartu Art College, Estonian Aviation Academy and Tartu Health Care College.

Besides ESN Tartu there are 4 more sections that lie in Tallinn: ESN TUT IC (ESN Tallinn University of Technology International Club), ESN TU IC (ESN Tallinn University), ESN Tallinn and ESN EBS (ESN Estonian Business School). All the sections lead different events and projects in order to give the exchange students the best experience possible. For example ESN Tartu Jam Session where Tartu’s exchange students form bands and perform in front of an audience and ESN Diary – a project that ESN Tallinn started in which memories and photos of students are collected and assembled in one book. Sections of both cities participate in the ESN international’s SocialErasmus and Erasmus in Schools projects.  Our sections have organised quite a few ESN’s international events, which is very impressive for a small ESN country like Estonia.

ESN Estonia as an independent organ and as a national board was founded in 2011 and registered as a NGO in 2012. Since the first national board was elected the cooperation between sections has improved significantly, especially between Tallinn sections and ESN Tartu. ESN Estonia itself cooperates with our National Agency called Archimedes. The creation of ESN Estonia also inspired our main national event called Estonian Wedding in Saaremaa that has gained a lot of popularity and presents a traditional mock wedding for the exchange students to get a richer cultural experience in Estonia.

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