Conditions for travel and bookings

The conditions for booking tours and travel with Scanbalt Experience.
It is mandatory to all our travelers to be familiar with the conditions and information stated below.

Who can travel with Scanbalt Experience?

You have to be at least 18 years old; we make almost no exceptions to that rule. We might make exceptions if it’s a person between 16-17 years traveling with adults at least 30 years old. You need to ask us before making a booking if you can bring a person younger than 18. You should be able to take care of yourself. We are eager to help, but our tours are semi-structured and made for independent travelers. You should understand English reasonably. Some of the tours take the passengers to remote areas where the access to healthcare is strictly limited. Scanbalt Experience cannot take responsibility for illness or injuries that occur under circumstances beyond our control. A travel and health insurance is highly recommended. You need to be healthy when starting a trip to not spread any illness among other passengers. 

Bookings, deposits, and payment

Your booking is complete when you have received a confirmation from Scanbalt Experience to your email. After confirming and paying for your booking the confirmation is sent automatically. This confirmation email is your ticket for the trip. If you have not received the confirmation email shortly after confirming your booking, please contact Scanbalt Experience office directly by sending us an email ( We highly recommend not to make a new booking about the same trip in our booking system. Payment must be made by credit card (or debit card with online payment function). We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. American Express cards are not accepted. 
If not informed about anything else when booking you need to pay a deposit of normally 20% of the price otherwise your booking is not accepted (if the tour includes flights or similar the deposit might be higher). At least 40 Days before departure you need to have paid the full amount. If booking closer than 40 days before departure you need to pay full amount directly. If you don’t pay the full amount in time, Scanbalt has the right to cancel your booking and you lose the deposit. 


Scanbalt offers some permanent discounts as Student discount and Super Student Discount. The amount of discount is stated in the tour description. To get the discount the traveler must fulfill the criteria, bring documentation to the departure and use the correct Campaign Code when booking so the discount works automatically. If you use the Student discount or Super student Discount when booking and can’t prove your right to the discount you have to pay a fee. 
Documentation needed: a valid Passport or ID with photo, membership card for the discount to a certain organization or student discount card, a document showing you study at a university when the discount is connected to a university. 

Trips dedicated to a certain organization already include a student discount. Those who are not students and joining these trips must pay 25 EUR extra.

Please note that the discount code is valid and can be applied only while making the booking! Later discount requests will not be satisfied!

Cancellation conditions

Note that deposit (20% of total price) is not refundable when you cancel the booking.
When the tour is canceled by Scanbalt Experience, all payments (including deposit) will be refunded.
There can be special refund conditions when personal tickets for public transport are included in a package. The value of non-refundable tickets will not be paid back to a passenger canceling a tour after booking. 

Cancellation by any reason will be refunded as follows:
41 Days or more to departure 80% refund. Please note that the deposit 20% of the tour price is non-refundable; the passenger is obliged to bare all possible costs for bank transactions him/herself.
40 Days or less to departure 0% refund.

NOTE THAT SCANBALT DOES NOT HAVE A SPECIAL CANCELLATION POLICY REGARDING CANCELLATION BECAUSE OF ILLNESS. We highly recommend all passengers to have a valid travel insurance (to cover cancellations because of illness, death in the family, force majeure etc.) If you need to cancel your reservation because of these reasons, please contact our office and Scanbalt will assist you with documents for your insurance company.

Changing reservations

Passengers can request to change their tour reservation to another departure date, or another Scanbalt tour, up to 40 days before the departure date of their current trip. Scanbalt reserves the right to reject the changing request in case another departure has less than 10 free places, or is a special trip for the particular organization. Reservation change fee (tour change fee) is 12€.

The name change is possible up to 2 weeks before tour departure date. Name change cost is 12 Eur/per traveler and it is done only by Scanbalt Office, you can not change the name in your reservation by yourself. If you would like to change the name of a traveler, please contact us by email at

The responsibility of the passenger

If under the tour conditions which you have booked is stated that information and detailed program about the tour will be sent a week before the trip's departure, but you will not receive any email with the tour detailed program from Scanbalt Experience, please contact with us by email at

A passenger is responsible to read carefully the program and email to know the tour information and conditions for the tour.

The passenger is fully responsible for getting to the departure point in time.
Scanbalt has no responsibility to wait on passengers after announced departure time or refund a passenger missing a departure.
A passenger can’t go on a tour using someone else's ticket. Scanbalt will stop that person from joining the tour.

Passenger must bring a valid ID on the tour. Some destinations (Russia) require a Passport valid for at least 6 months, and sometimes also the visa. Special document requirements are always stated in the tour description. If passenger got a discount for holding a membership in a particular organization, a proof (membership card, student card) must be presented at departure.

The passenger must act responsible and suitable for the kind of tours Scanbalt provide. Traveling in a group requires being responsible in all situations (for an example, not being late for meetings and obeying the accommodation rules. First of all, you must show respect for other passengers, the crew, our partners' rules. 
If a passenger does not act according to the rules, the tour manager has the right to remove the passenger from the tour. The passenger will be let off at the next place where there is a public transport connection. If this would happen at a hostel the passenger can be asked to leave the hostel directly.  In that case, Scanbalt is not responsible for the refund of the tour, alternative transport, food or accommodation.
A passenger agrees that Scanbalt Experience may use your statements or photographic/video likeness in future brochures, advertising, and other publicity material.  If you do not want Scanbalt Experience to continue to use your comments or likeness, please contact us and we will do our best to remove the content.

Group booking

If there are persons who would like to go on a tour as a group you can book together. Unless you know each other very good we recommend you to book separately. The person making the booking will take responsibility for the other persons on the booking and their payments. We recommend you to plan together but book separately.

Cancellation of tours

A minimum number of passengers are required to operate each tour. If nothing else is mentioned the number is minimum 20 passengers (40 on special student tours). If numbers are short, we may cancel the tour. The traveler will be informed about a canceled tour at least 20 days before departure, but often one month. For a tour shorter than six days travelers will be informed 10 days before departure and for one-day tours - 2 days notice will be given.

Please note that for the tours arranged on request of Student Organisations, special cancellation policies and deadlines are applied. The tour cancellation notice can be sent out up to 7 days prior to the departure date.

Scanbalt Experience will inform travelers of cancellations via e-mail. All money paid for a canceled tour will be returned to the traveler as soon as possible.

Note that Scanbalt is not responsible to refund any costs for your independent transport to the departure point or other arrangements such as visa or travel insurance when a tour is canceled. Scanbalt can offer you another tour instead of the tour you booked but the passenger has the right to say no to this option.

Changes and delays

Scanbalt Experience reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours and arrange alternative carriers to those advertised if necessary.

No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, alteration of a trip due to weather conditions or mechanical failure, for example. Arrival times are always estimated and can change. Scanbalt does not take responsibility for connecting transportation, that you have booked on your own. We recommend leaving at least 4-hour gap between the planned arrival and further transportation. 

If the weather does not allow to do all or some of the activities because of the snow conditions during Scanbalt Experience Lapland trips, the activities might get cancelled (if booked as Optional Activity - the payment will be refunded). The traveler must understand that lack of snow or bad weather conditions are "force majeure" and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Our partners

Independent companies run some of the activities you can find in our materials or presented by our drivers/guides. Scanbalt Experience cannot be held responsible for the action or performance of these companies.

Booking optional activities

Note that if you have signed up for an optional activity you have to take part of that activity or pay for it without participation. If just not showing up you will have to pay afterward. You can add activities to your own booking up to 15 days before the departure (for that, please enter into your personal booking).

Please note that some activities are only reserved while booking and the payment is on the spot. Carefully read the description of the optional activity so you understand the price and payment method. 

Local payment

Local payment is applied for the tour called Magic Lapland only. The payment is collected at the beginning of the tour, please have the exact amount of cash. The payment can be done in EUR or SEK. The payment is providing the smooth run of the tour for our Tour manager so he/she can cover booked services and also in case of emergency as the trip runs on very remote places where the access to banking facilities is limited or nonexistent.

Public Transport

On tours using public transport Scanbalt passengers may be sharing cabins etc. with persons who are not part of the Scanbalt group.
If a passengers claim refunds because of incidents caused by a separate company transporting a Scanbalt group or individual passengers the passenger’s compensation will be according to the rules of the company organizing the transport. Examples are - delays causing problems with transport booked by the passenger after the tour ends, other passengers acting disturbing, change of transport (example a train get problem and passengers must go by bus instead organized by the train company).

Changes in price by Scanbalt Experience

Scanbalt Experience has the right to change the price for a tour even after it has been booked by a traveler. The price can't be changed 20 days before the day of departure or closer. Acceptable reasons for a changed price are - changes in costs for transports, changes in taxes, fees and tolls affecting products or services which are included in the tour, changes considering the value of currencies which affects the costs for the operator. The traveler will be informed about the new price as soon as possible.


Read the itineraries of the tour descriptions to see what kind of accommodation is offered on the tour. On most tours, we stay in hostels or cabins on a shared room base. After the departure, we make a rooming list on the bus. Normally the rooms are for 2-10 persons. 
Rooming lists for hostels are made on the trip, while the cabin lists for Russia ferries will be made in advance, so don't forget to mark your friend's reservation number on your online booking. We try to consider friends who booked together, but we cannot guarantee that all the requests are satisfied.


No meals are included on the tour unless the itineraries say so. The passengers have the possibility to cook food together and arrange a dinner in a shared kitchens or go out for a meal (if location allows). Scanbalt Experience does not take any responsibility for the meals or the money collected for the meals. The driver/guide can participate in cooking and organizing the meals as one of the group and should also pay for the meal just like the passengers.


In the event of any dissatisfaction with the accommodation or any other service provided by Scanbalt, you must report it immediately to the Tour Manager so that action can be taken to find a solution to the problem. Any complaint that cannot be resolved by the Representative should be submitted in writing or emailing to Scanbalt within 30 days after the tour ended. The contract and all matters arising in respect hereof shall be subject to Estonian Law unless the Operator agrees otherwise in writing. If you are unsuccessful in any legal action instituted against the Operator, you agree to pay all the Operator's costs, including but not limited to attorney/client costs.

If Scanbalt compensated a passenger that they did not have to compensate by law or compensated more generously than needed by law it should be seen as exceptions and these compensations cannot be claimed automatically by other passengers. If there’s a situation on the tour when a tour manager ask a passenger if he/she can accept to change from higher to lower standard of accommodation or transport etc. during a tour and this is accepted by the passenger without any claim of immediate compensation or restrictions the passenger cannot claim to be compensated after the tour by Scanbalt.

If a passengers claim refunds because of incidents caused by a separate company transporting a Scanbalt group or individual passengers the passenger’s compensation will be according to the rules of the company organizing the transport. Examples are - delays causing problems with transport booked by the passenger after the tour ends, other passengers acting disturbing, change of transport (example a train get problem and passengers must go by bus instead organized by the train company).

VISA service

On tours requiring Visas, Scanbalt can organize documents for the passenger to apply for Visa through a travel agent/ visa agency in your country. We recommend passengers to use a local agent for visa service. This agent can inform Scanbalt, before the embassy is involved, regarding the information and documents needed for this passenger. The local agent often knows exactly how the embassy/consulate in that city works, and how to obtain the visa smoothly. Scanbalt should be informed by the passenger or the company organizing the Visa about what kinds of documents are needed and what information they should include. Different agents and embassies require different information and, therefore, extra information can be requested by the agent/embassy from Scanbalt. Therefore it’s important that the passenger start the visa application early enough to allow Scanbalt to send extra information when necessary.

Luggage and belongings

All travelers can bring luggage equivalent to one big backpack or medium-size suitcase and one smaller bag and if nothing else is stated in the tour description. Max luggage weight is 15 kg/per passenger.  To bring more luggage you must first ask Scanbalt for permission. The passenger is responsible for carrying all the bags. On winter tours keep in mind that bags with wheels are not so functional in the snow. Remember to take all the stuff you might need until arrival inside the bus since you will not have access to the luggage compartment during the drive.