About us

It was about time for Northern Europe to offer adventure-minded travellers a good quality transport network. Many Scandinavian backpackers have experienced excellent tours Down Under and elsewhere, but until now none of the providers introduced the concept in their own part of the world. We are very proud to be the first Scandinavian tour operator to face the challenge.

When travelling around the world with a backpack it's easy to get excited about everything there is to see and do. There's nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it's easy to underestimate what experiences our home country has to offer. When comparing what is available abroad with what we and foreign travellers have in Scandinavia, we realised that our own backyard contains some of the coolest places, stories and activities that a curious and adventurous traveller can look for.

Inspired by earlier travels, university studies in tourism and a desire to show the world Scandinavia's hidden treasures, the decision to start a company in the travel industry was made. In 2005 Scanbalt Experience saw the light and that summer much time was spent to find the ultimate hostels, sights, activities, and bus routes.

Our philosophy is similar to most other successful adventure bus companies around the globe from which we have sought many ideas and gained much inspiration. We are not just providers of transport or tours; we are the key to open up Scandinavia and the Baltic region for backpackers and independent travellers. Read about why you should go with Scanbalt Experience.

So what about our name; Scanbalt Experience? We tried to create a name that had a geographical link, and at same time symbolised our travel philosophy. Both Scandinavia and the Baltic region have vague geographical boundaries, but when considered together they form a geographically defined zone. Scanbalt is the term we use to describe Scandinavia and the Baltic region as a single entity. The name also shows our vision...

For us Scanbalt Experience is more than just a company and a means to an income; it's our dream, our lifestyle, and our mission to make our region a superb place for backpackers. Whilst travelling with us, you share our dream and also help us make this corner of the world one of the top destinations for budget-minded and adventurous travellers.

Business Profile

Scanbaltexperience OÜ with the registaration number 11430896 is a Estonian registered company and approved tour operator.

Our business address for invoicing is:
Pikk 7, 10123, Tallinn

We follow the laws in the Estonian Tourism act. This means that a passenger’s money is safe. Passenger’s money is guaranteed by a third part to the Consumer Protection Board of Estonia. A passenger is also guaranteed a transport back to the departure point if a tour is interrupted by any reason. This guarantee is valid for all travels with Scanbalt Experience no matter where the tours starts or finishes in the region.   

Why us

Why us - Want to know what our previous travellers think about travelling with us? Check them out here. If you are inspired by what they shared and wrote, then Scanbalt Experience is definitely the option for you! Meet likeminded travellers - Our tours are designed to attract a mixed crowd of adventurous and open minded peop...Read more

The crew

Find out who is behind the scenes. Kristofer, founder and CEO, of Scanbalt is Swedish and after living in Estonia, Sweden and Spain, has now decided to move back to Sweden with all the family. He has always liked traveling off the beaten track and his aim is to offer special experiences also to other young travelers. Olivia is our Tallinn offic...Read more

Our Office

Find where our office is located. Meet us - Our office is located in Pikk 7, 10123, Tallinn (Estonia) We are open Monday to Friday from 09:00am - 05:00pm (17:00) Telephone +372 53019139...Read more