Here you find some usefull information regarding how to geth to and from the start or ending points for our tours.

There are two airlines which have the cheapest flights inside Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Norwegian for example fly between Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Trondheim, Göteborg, Malmö and Bergen. Go to their website

Ryan Air fly between fly between Oslo, Stockholm, Riga and Tallinn. Go their website


Trains operate between most cities in Scandinavia.

The Swedish Government owned Rail company SJ cover most cities in Sweden and between the Scandinavian capitals.



Between Copenhagen and Oslo you can go with DFDS ships

Between Kiel in Germany and Oslo you can travel with

From Jutland in Denmark to Oslo or Göteborg you can go with

The Baltic Sea

Tallink Silja travel Riga-Stockholm, Tallinn-Stockholm, Helsinki-Stockholm and Helsinki-Tallinn

Viking Line travel between Stockholm.Helsinki and Tallinn-Helsinki