Scanbalt offers some permanent discounts Student discount and Super Student Discount. The amount of discount is stated on the tour description. To get the discount the traveler must fulfill the criteria, bring documentation to the departure and use the correct Campaign Code when booking so the discount works automatically. If you use the Student discount or Super student Discount when booking and can’t proof your right to the discount you have to pay a fee.
Documentation needed Valid Passport or ID with photo, membership ship card when the discount is connected to a certain organization or student discount card, a document showing you are study at a university when the discount is connected to a university.

Please note that the discount code is valid and can be applied only while making the booking! Later discount requests will not be satisfied!

Student Discount

Campaign Code: STUDENT
All persons who can proof they are students with valid documentation

Super Student Discount

Campaign code: SUPERSTUDENT
To us the Super Student Discount you must have valid documentation showing your connection to the following Universities or organisations.


All  Copenhagen Universities 
Roskilde University

ISU Norway
ESN Sections in Norway
All Oslo Universities
Aas Höjskole

Borås Högskola: All international Students
Chalmers: All international Students
Gävle Högskola: All international Students
Göteborg University: All International Students
Halmstad Högskola: All International Students
Handelshögskolan Göteborg: All international Students
Handelshögskolan Stockholm: All international Students
Karolinska: All international Students
Högskolan Dalarna: All international Students
Högskolan Väst: All international students
Kalmar: All international students
Karlstad University: All members of ISAK
KTH Stockholm: All international students
Linköping: All international students
Lund All international Students
Malmö Högskola All international students
Mitthögskolan All International Students
Mälardalens Högskola: Members of the Student union
Stockholm University: All international Students
Södertörns Högskola: All International Students
Umeå University: All international students
Uppsala University: All international Students
Örebro All International Students

Jönköping University