The Estonian Wedding

International students in Estonia you are invited to: "THE ESTONIAN WEDDING in Saaremaa” - this is an event organized by ESN Estonia, acted out by you, international students. Come and get a taste of an Estonian wedding, experience culture full of unique traditions and enjoy the amazing Estonian nature.

Duration: 19 - 21 May 2017

Departure: 09:00 from Tallinn; 07:30 from Tartu

Price: 134 EUR with ESN Card (139 EUR without ESN Card)   **If you pay 134 Euro when booking you must pay additional 10 Euro at departure if you don’t bring a valid ESN Card.
transportation, 2 nights in a cozy accommodation house, catering, unforgettable wedding ceremony, wedding party, traditional Estonian saunas, picturesque views, amazing beauty of nature + sights in Saaremaa (Muhu Church, Angla Windmills, Panga Cliff, Karu Lake, Kuressaare Castle, Kaali crater and Ruins of Maasi fort-castle)
One bus departs from Tallinn and one from Tartu.
Booking opens on March 6th 18:00 Estonian time. There will be released 44 tickets for each bus. All booking and payment is done online and paid with credit card on this page - see the links below of the page. You can also pay in cash in Tartu (every Tuesday 19:00-20:00 Raatuse 22) or in Tallinn (Raekoja plats 16, every WEDNESDAY 18:30-20:00)

Please note: everyone booking this event must be aware that this event is organized, planned and lead by ESN Estonia and its volunteer students. Scanbalt Experience is the travel partner of ESN Estonia and is responsible for organizing the bookings and payments of the event. Questions regarding the event, program, accommodation, buses etc should be addressed to ESN Estonia. Questions regarding bookings and payments should be addressed to Scanbalt Experience. It's essential that any kind of complaints during the event is reported directly to the ESN represents and companies providing services.


If you have any questions or suggestions for ESN Estonia, contact: (Tallinn) or (Tartu)

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Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia (2,673 km2) which is known as a good recreation place with unique nature and a lot of sights. Junipers, dolomite, windmills and the famous local home-brewed beer are considered the symbols of Saaremaa. Because of its mild maritime climate and soil rich in lime, Saaremaa has very rich flora and fauna.


PS! If you have specific food restrictions or allergies, please fill out the box "Medical conditions, that tourleader should know about" while making a booking or inform us


Program Estonian Wedding

Estimated Program:
9.00 Start from Tallinn
7:30 Start from Tartu
Muhu Church, Angla Windmills, Panga Cliff + lunch
Accomodation in Forell Holiday Village
Hens night and bachelorette night
Karu Lake
Kuressaare Castle and ceremony + lunch
Wedding dinner, games, dances
Kaali crater
Ruins of Maasi fort-castle + lunch
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