In Sweden

Here you find trips made in co-operation with Student Unions and local students associations in Sweden


Halmstad Student Union

Here you find trips for students in Halmstad for Halmstad Studentkår (Halmstad Student Union) There are both the legendary trips around Northern Europe for the exchange students and the trips more popular among the Swedish students.Read more

Jönköping Student Union

Jönköping Student Union is an organisation for students - by students! Jönköping Student Union is a non-profit organization run by students for students at Jönköping University. The Union always focuses on its members. Working hard to give the students a high quality education and a stimulating social life are the Student Union main tasks. Here you...Read more

Ultuna Student Union

Here you find tours by Ultuna Student UnionRead more


The student union at KTH is called THS – Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår. Here you find the THS tripsRead more

Mälardalen Student Union Tours

Here you find tours for Mälardalen Student UnionRead more


International & Exchange Students of KarlstadRead more

Stockholm University Student Union

Here you will find tours for Stockholm University Student Union.Read more

Uppsala Student Organisations

Here you find trips for students in Uppsala!Read more

Dalarna Student Union

Here you find Scanbalt Experience tours for students in Dalarna and FalunRead more

Umeå Tours

List of tours for students in Umeå to Lapland, Russia and Norway. Here you find the Scanbalt tours for students in the beutiful city Umeå. Umeå students are of course most welcome to join all open tours. Umeå students can enjoy all discounts linked to different student union cards. You only need to bring a document to departure so we can see your a...Read more

Skövde Student Union

Here you find trips for the Student Union and student organizations in SkövdeRead more

Sundsvall Student Union

Tours with Sundsvall Student UnionRead more

GIC Tours

Here You will find tours organized for GIC.Read more

INTU Tours

Here You will find tours organized for INTU.Read more