ESN in Denmark

Erasmus Student Network in Denmark, click on the section to find the tours


Here you find ESN Denmark National Tours. These tours is organized by ESN Denmark in co-operation with Scanbalt Experience and students from ny Danish ESN section are welcome to join. Other students can contact Scanbalt and ask if they can join.Read more


ESN DTU is the local Erasmus Student Network (ESN) section located at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).Read more

ESN Kolding Tours

ESN Kolding organise activities for international students in Kolding Denmark.Read more

ESN Odense Tours

ESN Odense organizes activities for exchange and international students in Odense Denmark. To join the tours an ESN card is required.Read more

ESN Haderslev Tours

ESN Haderslev organise activities for international students in Haderslev Denmark.Read more