DSR Horsens Tours

DSR (De Studerendes Råd/Student Council) is an independent student organization sponsored by VIA University College, Campus Horsens. The purpose of DSR is to increase the quality of student life, assure great social atmosphere and enhance the academic environment.

Lapland Express for DSR Horsens

This year Lapland season is about to begin! So get ready, dress warm, and jump on board for an amazing and unforgettable adventure to one of the most remote places in Europe. Have you ever been across the Arctic Circle? Here's your chance. As you can imagine, travelling so way up north is a whole different experience from travelling in sunny and wa...Read more6 daysFrom 390€

Weekend trip to Amsterdam

Have you heard the stories of Amsterdam`s colorful streets, windmills, cheese, endless canals and crossing a street with a boat; or that there are almost same amount of bikes in the city as Copenhagen`s population? Here is your chance to witness these stories with your own eyes! Amsterdam - This city, full of colorful homes, canals and bridges, is...Read more