Join one of our Lapland Winter Tours. We go far north to Lapland, where winter lasts from November until March! Visit the Sami people and learn about their culture, as well as see the reindeer! Wanna try some dog-slegding or ride a snow-mobile? Or do a refreshing arctic swim after sauna? And then top everything with the breathcatching Northers Lights! All this, and much more, is possible on our Lapland Winter Trips!

A Lapland roadtrip is the ultimate tour for international students staying in Northern Europe. Lapland is unique and offer awesome adventures like dog sledding, snow mobiling, sauna with arctic swims. Visit the sami people and learn about their culture and see reindeers, see the Ice Hotel and the largest under ground iron mine in the world, cross the arctic circle, cross the border to Norway and see a fjord, experience the scenery in Abisko N... Read more »
On this 7 days Lapland winter tour we go to Swedish & Finnish Lapland and make a short visit to Narvik in Norway to check out the awesome scenery with the fjords and Atlantic Ocean. We visit the world famous Jukkasjärvi Icehotel, do awesome activities like dog-sledding and snow mobiling, visit the sami people and taste some reindeer, have a sauna with arctic swim and maybe see some Northern Lights! We start and finish in Stockholm - the c... Read more »

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